Hi! My name is Adam. I'm the creator of Manifest Yourself.

 I'm sharing my story with you because I know it can inspire you to take the right action you desperately need in your life to become an evolving human. It's all about pushing past your limitations and your fears. And I'm here to help you achieve this!



I make spiritual, practical content, related to law of attraction and self-development on Youtube. 


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 I was raised by a single mother in the small town of Ohio. Growing up my sister, mother and I used to bounce from home to home, never had a stable place to live in.

My mom had a severe anxiety problem so she had issues with keeping a job, thus a very unstable environment. Obviously, we were facing grave survival issues. Eventually, my grandma was kind enough to take us in and give us a more stable home and I'm still very thankful to her. 

In midst of all this, my dad passed away in 2005 from Mesothelioma, a lung disorder due to his work conditions. Since it had happened due to the job he had then, the company he worked for was getting sued and we were promised to get a good chunk of money out of the settlement. Fast forward, that never took place, and settled the case with 800 dollars a month for each of his children.

I was very disappointed, the lawyers were promising us a couple million and this wasn't anywhere close to it. I remember falling asleep upstairs and having the most vivid dream of me winning the lottery of 116 million dollars! I opened my eyes and they land on this tv show where they were interviewing Cynthia Stafford who had used the law of attraction to win 112 million dollars. And guess what? It was 1:16 am when I saw that!

Signs from the Universe? Hell yeah, it was!

This was the beginning of me discovering the whole realm of possibilities with the help of law of attraction. You can imagine I was scouring through almost each and every LOA book that I could get my hands on. A whole new world opened up for me.

Fast forward again, and this is where most of us slip up and just do not want to acknowledge even the Secret left this out!

For the next several years I continue to do nothing but to visualize and daydream. I did nothing but sit on my behind and play games online. Even though I knew on the inside I was so bored of not doing anything with my life but just waiting for those millions to pop up and thinking that me visualizing about them was more than enough.

Don't take me wrong, Universe showed so many powerful signs that my 116 million dollars were on my way but it never happened because I always doubted if I was worth it! This is to show how we get in the middle of our own successes, of our own dreams.

Meanwhile, I had met the love of my life and she was supporting me while I was still being a bum. Until, one day when she said, she had enough! That's when everything broke loose!

I came out of my subconscious program of being a VICTIM and became aware of my situation! I knew I had to do something!

I realized if I kept this up, I would lose the love of my life. So I decided to change myself. All you need is to decide! I know it wasn't under the perfect circumstances that I created this business, but it was under dire need. I needed to do it! And look, I made it!

And that's how I started Manifest Yourself! I was never born into perfect circumstances, in fact, everything was set against me. But I used all my available resources to do what I had to. We are capable of way more than we think! I had the program of poverty, victim, lack mindset but I KNEW THAT WASN'T ME. 

I had to lose those programs to find the beliefs that would support me, support my dreams! I had to un-learn and learn.

My viewers have given me a lot and I want to give back to them by being a living example of triumph over your fears.

You're not a victim and you can be anything you want!


about-adam about-adam about-adam about-adam


Obviously, we are not a big company or a big-shot family. We are just a normal family trying to make an impact on the people around us and trying to spread awareness about the incredible power that our minds possess.

Supporting us, you will be supporting my family, and my loved ones. I'm a dad, a faithful husband, and a fur-daddy too :) Just like you, I am a simple person, with big dreams.